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Entertainers and Entertainment Executives

With your star quality, you have incredible opportunities to earn money in a short period of time. We turn that unique earning potential into lifelong financial success that works for you and your family, giving you more time for creative pursuits.

Understanding Your Viewpoint

Positioning finances for the long haul

It’s not all glitz and glamour. Entertainers and entertainment executives face late nights, frequent travel, and constant pressure to be number one. The last thing you want to think about after a month on the road is financial planning. That’s where we come in. Our steady, experienced team specializes in creating sustained, structured wealth that carries you through the unpredictable highs and lows of the entertainment industry. So even if your financial journey takes an unexpected turn, we’ll be there to get you back on course.

Here are a few ways we can focus on your priorities.

  • Managing career arcs

    Long-term entertainment careers are often a dream but not always a reality. It’s important to invest with the future in mind. We have the tools to help you manage money earned in a short period of time so you can maintain your standard of living.
  • Keeping you anchored

    It’s tempting to let go of pre-existing budgets when the money rolls in. We help you manage expectations by analyzing your current income to see what’s possible without jeopardizing potential savings and long-term security.
  • Filtering the noise

    Creating sustained wealth takes discipline, experience, and a steady hand. We help you avoid life’s money traps, serving as trusted advisors and helping you stay focused on your financial goals.

The Challenge You Face

Filtering the noise

Collaborate with trusted advisors as you navigate new opportunities.

You’ve made it big! While you may be feeling generous in the middle of all this success, the reality is money can quickly disappear without a plan for the future. That sudden boost in income can also lead to more friends, family members, and business associates who want a piece of the pie. Thoughtful financial planning and clear solutions are essential to help you retain control over the business side of your career.

How We Can Help

Creating a trustworthy circle

Creating sustained wealth takes discipline, experience, and a steady hand.

Conversations about money can be difficult — especially when the conversations involve friends and family members. Our team can guide you through these conversations with sound financial advice. When you’re choosing a career support team, we can also alert you to any red flags that could jeopardize your long-term financial security.

Financial Journey

Navigating Your Financial Journey

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Success is about the ability of clients to achieve their financial goals — it’s much more than just comparison against a capital market benchmark.

Jordan Hucht


Jordan Hucht